Recognize Flu Symptoms And It Treatment To Hinder Flu Complication

Flu sounds like harmful disease until you realize that its complication can take someone’s life. Flu on its first stage, in truth, is not that dangerous, still treat this disease lightly will only disadvantage you. Recognize flu symptoms, treat it properly before it is too late. Flu isn’t the same with cold , though for some extent both show similar symptoms. Ensure that you know, there are some types of flu from the common one that is not really threatening to the rare one which can cause death. Prevent yourself from further impact of flu, notice these common symptoms,
Stuffy nose
Headache and fatigue
Sore throat, and more.
Once you knew what the symptoms of flu, the next thing you should know, it is how to eliminate or at least reduce the symptom. You know, on its early stage, the symptoms can be handled naturally.

Let say that you figure out whether the loved one or yourself display some of flu symptoms, before you see your doctor, here are several things that you can do,
Hydrate your body system.
Take a lot of rest.
If there is cough, ensure that you treat the cough with medicines either herbal or based on your doctor prescription.
If the flu cause you fever, ensure that you do the same thing, this way you can prevent more serious problem in the future.
Consider traditional way to heal flu like breathing in steam.
By giving enough fluid to your body, you boost the performance of your respiratory system to fight the mucus, therefore it won’t stuck in your lung. No proper treatment to handle the mucus, within time it leads to infection. And no one expects to find that their lung is infected.

If you think that hydrate your body to calm flu symptoms , means that you have to only drink water, despite water is good, you can as well take benefits from sport drink, and soup. Flu is contagious and will spread in high speed. That is not the only thing, the symptoms that you get, it makes you can’t do anything properly. So yes, you need a lot and a lot of rest. This is not only about to do good things for others, but also yourself. When you rest your body, it will ease your immune system to beat down the virus, that way you can recover faster. Cancel any of your schedule in case that you need to go somewhere. Some people will experience fever or high temperature, while the rest is not. If you are among those people who experience fever, ensure that you take care the fever also. There are many alternatives you can get out there at drugstores. However, for safety and best result, ask your doctor opinion which fever pills or tablets which are good for you, is recommended.

Do the same if the flu symptoms include cough. And the last, yet not the least thing, breath in magic steam can help you to feel better. Take a large bowl, and then fill it with hot water. Add some drops of menthol oil or anything similar. Spend some time to breath in the steam until you feel better. If you are asking about scientific research about this method, unfortunately, you find none of them. Nevertheless, many people confirm that the aforesaid method really works. And you can try the method yourself if you want, to figure out whether breath-in-steam method can reduce the symptoms of flu or not. Lastly, you have to wary if the sufferer is people with heart disease, pregnant women, elderly, asthma sufferer, and diabetes patients.