Outlook For Typhus Disease, Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Typhus disease may sound familiar to you, but do you know what it is? This is a disease that is caused by bacteria namely Rickettia bacteria that is transmitted by kind of arthropods such as, lice, mites, fleas, and more. Though it depends on what kind of arthropods that bite you, basically typhus is not a dangerous disease. Even so, you have to be wary, since the complication of the disease if it is not treated well will lead to severe health condition. When the insect, let say, bites you, if you are aware of it, clean the infected area properly, and make sure that you prevent yourself from scratching because it will lead to wound that becomes the open gate for the bacteria to invade your body system. There are three types of typhus, Scrub typhus, Endemic typhus and Epidemic typhus.

The categorization of typhus disease occurs as the transmitter or the arthropod caters different kind of bacteria. Scrub typhus is transmitted by mites. The mites when sucking the bloods of its host transfer orientic tsutsugamushi bacteria. And mostly the spread of the disease is in such countries like Australia and Asia. The symptoms of scrub typhus are Rash and and sore of the infected skin, Swollen lymph nodes, Cough and tiredness.
The endemic typhus happens because of human bloodstream is infected by rickettia typhi. Flea or rat is the reason why you get infected. The symptoms that may occur, Nausea and also vomiting, Dry cough and Diarrhea.
And the last one is epidemic typhus, this one is caused by lice infestation, the symptoms that may appear are, Severe headache and muscle pain, High fever and rash that is started from your chest or sometimes back, and then spread around the body, Low blood pressure and confusion, Sensitivity toward bright light.

Not limited to, but typhus disease is mostly found in developing country, especially in such area that is poor with sanitation, high in population, and also close to human contact. Keep in mind that, this disease is not contagious, as the bacteria is transmitted through the bloodstreams. In addition, the incubation of each type of the disease is varied, but approximately, the symptoms will show after ten to fourteen days. Say , that you are infected with the disease, the treatment will include antibiotic, such as, cholramphenicol, doxycycline, and ciproflaxin. To make the medication using antibiotic more effective, early treatment is necessary. So then, if you experience the symptoms above, you need to visit your doctor. Else, you will deal with the consequences, such as; Liver damage, Decrease blood volume and Internal intestine bleeding.

Because it is hard to notice the moment when the arthropods transmit the bacteria to your bloodstream applying these follow precaution acts may help you to reduce the possibility to get infected by typhus disease, Maintaining cleanness not only for you, but also your environment because the infestation of the arthropods prone to happen in such dirty places.
Wear clothes that can protect you from the bites together with repellent, in the case that you are traveling to places with high risk of typhus.
The growth of rodent population should be controlled. Indeed, the disease is caused by arthropods, and you may ask why should you care about rodent population, since rodent is not the cause of the problem, but the arthropods. You are right about this, however, you have to know that rodent carries arthropods like fleas. The increasing of rodent population will increase the infestation of arthropod. Another thing about this disease you need to know is that, elderly and kids mostly get the disease. Fortunately,healthy kids deal with less problem,  but it is not when it comes to elderly and people that is malnourished.