Great Advantages Of Breastfeeding For Both Mom And The Baby

Whether you decide to breastfeed or to not, it won’t become the measurement of your love toward your baby. Too, it doesn’t mean that you’re less woman. Breastfeeding, obviously, caters many benefits for not only the baby, but also the mother. In the end, it is up to you to give the breast milk for your baby or not. But before you make any decision, here are some good points of breast milk;
It enhances your baby health.
Lower down the risk of cancer.
Higher IQ score
Weight loss
Tighten the relationship between mom and her baby.
Breast milk has anything that is pivotal for babies during their first six months. The composition of nutrition of breast milk like fats, proteins, and vitamins are better than infant formula. In addition, breast milk is easy to digest that offers another health benefits.

Breastfeeding protects your baby from bacteria and viruses for the antibodies. This fact confirms that indeed the breast milk enhances baby health. However yes, there are many other great benefits like preventing your baby from some health issues, such as, diarrhea, type 1 diabetes, allergies, obesity, ear infection, and more. In short, breast feed your baby will cut down your visits to doctor. Cancer is a horrible disease that is not because the cure is expensive, but cancer is also hard to detect on its early stage. Decide to breast feed your baby, you protect yourself and your baby from cancer. When it comes to you, breast feed can minimize the possibility of you suffer with ovarian and also breast cancers, that become any women nightmare. Whilst for your babies, breast milk strengthen their body to fight kind of cancer that commonly occurs on kids.

Obviously, there are several other factors that have contribution toward higher IQ score. Even so, it’s no longer a new notion that breastfeeding has major role for better IQ score. Breast feed your baby means you lower down the risk of obesity, as the nutrients give them weight that they need. The same thing goes to you. After the delivery, many women look for some alternative ways to reduce the excess weight because of pregnancy without obstructing their quality time with their baby. Guess what? When you breastfeed your baby, in the same time you conquer the body weight issue. Sounds good, isn’t it? During the time you breastfeed your baby, you build communication with your baby through eyes and physical contacts that will tighten the bond between both of you.

In addition, breastfeeding position makes your baby feels the safest. However, if you look further, the benefits aren’t stopping there,
Milk breast is simpler than infant formula for the reason that the latter requires some preparation, starting from the milk bottle (including its cleanness), measuring the amount of the powdered milk, to adjusting the right temperature. Nevertheless, if you determine milk breast, you can eliminate the processes above, let it alone, milk breast has perfect temperature for your baby.
Unlike infant formula that is expensive, milk breast is cheap. Though the mother should pay so much attention toward the foods that the put to their mouth.
The composition of milk breast, surprisingly, it changes based on the needs of your baby. Even so, it is not the same when it comes to infant formula as the compositions of the milk remain the same.
You already knew about how essential milk breast for your baby. By considering your circumstance and some other factors, you can make your final decision whether you will breastfeed your baby or you will consider another way.