Do You Think Every Fruit Is The Same? You Have To Know Super Fruits!

Have you ever heard about super fruits? The addition of super has its meaning, and not all of the fruits that you knew, deserve the title. There are some fruits which contain better nutrients than the  rest of fruits, in short, they have huge amount of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidant, fibers, and some other nutrients which are good to help you;
Live better and longer.
Look better for the reason that the fruits cater good impact toward you weight and your skin.
Prevent dangerous disease like cancer, heart disease, and more.
Considering the benefits of the the fruit, take them to your diet sounds like the best idea. Tips for you, when consuming the super fruit, ensure that you,
Eat the fruits in their natural forms, since it is the best way to get the best out from the fruits.
Not eat the fruits in its processed forms, as it will make all the best nutrients of the fruits are gone.

Did you know that everyday you are suggested to eat approximately five to nine portion of fruits that is combined with veggies? Fruits and veggies give a huge benefits for human health, however, super fruits give you even more. In addition, these are some fruits which are known as fruits with super ingredients that surpass some other fruits,
Acai berry
Dragon fruit
In fact, there are still some options for fruits which are rich with huge amount vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant, and another substances, but lets narrow down the options by focusing the above mentioned. Starting from acai berry, this fruits is known with high level of anti-oxidant that even higher compared to another berries like strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and more. Since acai berry is hard to get, you can consider powdered acai berry. The powdered form, actually, caters some benefits,
You need only to add the powdered acai berry to your shake.
The taste of acai berry becomes more edible, since acai berry in its fresh from has lemon-like  flavor.

You maybe already familiar with grapefruits for its ability to reduce your excess weight. Less people know that grapefruit is great to lower down the risk of heart attack by keeping down the level of bad cholesterol. Grapefruit is differed with some different colors. But if you are asking which one of them that is better, experts say that the redder the super fruits, it contain higher anti-oxidant. If you are living around Asia, you can consider yourself as lucky for the reason that dragon fruits are somehow easy to be found. So, what’s something special about dragon fruit? When you slice the fruit, you will discover tiny and edible seeds. Those seeds are rich with fatty acid that is very important for you health. Unfortunately, fatty acid can’t be produced by human body. That is why eating dragon fruit regularly will give you many benefits.

Kiwi, who doesn’t know about this fruit? Known as another super fruits, kiwi has powerful substance that help to cure digestive problem or irritable bowel syndrome as the fruit is rich of fiber. Now, you can also choose the fruits based on the colors of the fruits. This way you not only know about what kind of fruits to eat, but also the benefit from eating the fruits,
Super purple fruits, this kind of fruits are know rich with anthocyanins that can keep the risk of  cancer down, and also clot formation that becomes the cause of heart disease. Concord grapes and blueberries are what to consider.
Super red fruits that contain lycopene that is powerful to prevent prostate cancer. Tomato, watermelon and pink grapefruit are worth considering.